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Every IT Administrator faces a number of Active Directory Management challenges which includes managing user accounts in Active Directory almost everyday. Configuring user properties manually is extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error-prone, especially in a large, complex Windows network. Active Directory administrators and IT managers are mostly have to perform repetitive and mundane tasks which often end up eroding into their productive or free times. Moreover, accomplishing these tasks using the native tools or PowerShell also demands a deeper knowledge in Active Directory Management and related technologies is not trouble or complexity free by any means.

A software that can automate these cumbersome tasks, simplify AD management and provide exhaustive reports on tasks done and their status, is the need of the hour. ADManager Plus is one simple, hassle-free web-based solution for all Active Directory Management challenges, safe with secure authentication and performs all actions with just mouse clicks. This Active Directory management tool allows administrators to design templates to manage all Active Directory account creation and modification processes. Moreover, through its web-interface, this AD management software offers administrators an absolute control over their Active Directory environment.

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Microsoft Windows Active Directory Management software that simplifies User provisioning and Active Directory administration with complete security and authentication to allow only authorized users to perform management actions. It provides a complete set of Active Directory management tools to administrators and AD managers for efficient management of their Active Directory. This solution features a single console from which IT management can view and manage Active Directory users, computers, contacts, groups, provision users in Google Apps and generate reports for all the domains, servers or any specific domain in Active Directory environment from a central location. ADManager Plus also enables the administrator to delegate repetitive, simple, time consuming tasks to non-administrative users / helpdesk in a completely secure manner and also allows for controlled automation of Active Directory. ADManager Plus avoids manual, error prone administrative activities on Active Directory and saves time and cost. And you can do all these right from this software's web interface. IT administrators can now perform the following list of activities on their Active Directory using ADManager Plus.

• Active Directory User Management
• Active Directory Computer Management
• Active Directory Group Management
• Active Directory Contact Management
• Active Directory Help Desk Delegation
• Active Directory Management using AD Reports
• Active Directory User Management from Mobile Devices

Active Directory User Management
ADManager Plus makes it simple to manage thousands of your Active Directory users through its bulk user operation and easy-to-work interface. User management in ADManager Plus helps you to create and modify users, configure their general attributes, Exchange Server attributes and apply Exchange policies, Terminal Services attributes, remote user logon permissions, Lync Server/LCS/OCS attributes, etc. Further, this tool also helps you provision new accounts for users in Office 365 and Google Apps right at the time of creating new accounts for them in Active Directory. Further, this Active Directory management solution also allows AD managers to design templates that allow them or their help desk technicians to create and modify user accounts to configure all the required attributes / properties in just one single action.

Active Directory Computer Management
This Active Directory management solution allows you to manage all the computers in your environment from anywhere, at one go. You can create computer objects in bulk using CSV and templates, modify the group & general attributes of computers, move them between organizational units and enable/disable them.

Active Directory Group Management
Managing Windows groups gets more flexible with this Active Directory management software's Group management module, using which you can create and modify groups - both security and distribution groups, using templates, add/remove bulk users to them and configure exchange attributes all at one instant.

Active Directory Contact Management
All your Active Directory contacts can be imported and also be updated in your Active Directory using this AD management tool. This simplifies the tedious process of selecting individual contact objects one by one and updating their all their attributes contact attributes.

Active Directory Help Desk Delegation
Using the delegation feature of this Active Directory management tool, administrators can create help desk technicians and delegate them desired tasks like reset passwords, unlock user accounts, create users, etc. The various repetitive management tasks for Active Directory users, groups, computers and contacts can be delegated using custom designed account creation and modification templates. Help desk users can share workload of administrators and let them concentrate on core administrative activities instead.

Active Directory Reports & Management
ADManager Plus provides information on different Active Directory objects as reports, and allows you to view, analyze the information right from its web-interface.
Ex: You can get the list of all inactive users from the inactive users report and modify the account status to active from the reports itself.
This utility from MangeEngine is engineered to meet the difficulties of Administrators who are not experts in Active Directory; all the operations you perform through ADManager Plus will be very simple and user friendly. ADManager Plus addresses to all the Management and Reporting needs of IT Administrators, IT Managers and an IT Auditors. Above all the tool aptly provides a valid base of reports specially designed to meet Compliance Audits like SOX, HIPAA, etc.


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