Network Monitoring System

In a competitive business landscape where 24*7 operations is mandatory, high availability of network and services has become a critical factor of concern for enterprises of all sizes. Any downtime of systems, networks or applications will translate into a huge revenue loss for the business. Industry experts say that typical network availability must reach 99.999%.

Our Network Management System provides comprehensive network uptime monitoring to ensure that all your network devices, services are up and running 24*7 continuously. It provides real-time views of availability statistics, as well as detailed monitoring and analysis of data from switches, routers, servers and any other SNMP-enabled devices.

Our Network Management System allows you to:
• Resolve network outages quickly, leverage SNMP traps & Syslogs
• Understand application performance & how it impacts the network
• Troubleshoot WAN Latency Issues with Cisco IP SLA
• Analyze WAN traffic using Cisco Netflow
• Automate Network Change and Configuration Management
• Monitor and troubleshoot VoIP performance
• Visualize your network with rich and customizable maps

Resolve network outages quickly
Our Network Management System comes with robust event management features that quickly tell you what’s wrong with your network. In addition to ICMP and SNMP polling we supports receiving SNMP traps and Syslogs from Network devices, so if there is a problem in your network it can alert you by email or SMS or even log a trouble ticket into your helpdesk.

Understand Application Performance
With more and more applications moving into the data–center, today’s Network managers are also responsible for ensuring that branch office users are able to access these applications without performance problems. Because of its superior monitoring capabilities, you can now monitor Windows Servers, Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL Server and other applications to finally get the complete visibility you need to be able to identify if the problem is with the Network, Server or the Application.

Troubleshoot WAN Latency Issues
Using powerful Cisco IPSLA technology it helps you troubleshoot WAN RTT problems by accurately identifying network devices with the highest latencies and paths with high RTT.

Analyze WAN traffic using Cisco Netflow
It gives you complete visibility of the traffic passing through your WAN pipes. Know which user or applications is generating the most traffic, the percentages of unproductive traffic (think Kazaa or Youtube) that can be blocked to save on precious WAN bandwidth etc. With support for Cisco NBAR it is one of the few solutions that can accurately identify traffic from applications like SAP or Siebel that use dynamic ports.

Automate Network Change and Configuration management
A majority of network outages and performance issues happen when faulty configuration updates are done on network devices. The complexity of configurations, at times even extends the time taken to resolve the issue. Our Network Management System takes a regular backup of network configurations and enforces best practices in managing your network devices.

Visualize your network
Our Network Management System allows you to create intelligent maps that can be created easily from a web browser. With real time status updates and support for logical entities you can see a link go down or the entire east coast turning red.


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